Asia-African Collaboration on Open Source Software
Asia-Africa Conference on Open Source – AAOS The Asia-African Collaboration within the Asia-Africa Conference on Open Source – AAOS (Jakarta, November 18-19, 2008)
FULLY SUPPORTS the Asia-Africa Conference on Open Source – AAOS -, and COMMITS itself to promoting digital inclusion, disseminating free and open source software and developing egovernment programs and solutions aimed at empowering citizens,
ENDORSES the commitment to build a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, as enshrined in the Geneva and Tunis phases of the World Summit on the Information Society,
RECALLS paragraph 29 of the Tunis Commitment, which recognized the need to encourage and foster collaborative development, interoperable platforms and free and open-source software.
RECOGNIZES that free and open source software is a fair and viable alternative for eliminating the digital divide as well as a valuable tool for enabling cooperation among Asia African countries and for encouraging local and independent technological development,
ACKNOWLEDGES that e-government programs and solutions can play a fundamental role in promoting social inclusion, empowering citizens, ensuring the universal delivery of public services and contributing for the technological development of Asia African countries in an autonomous manner.
RECOGNIZES the increasing tendency, driven largely by multinational private interests, to legitimize a narrative of ownership of ideas in software in the form of patent rights, that runs counter to the aims of social inclusion and collaborative development of free software, and COMMITS to taking action to defend these aims.
ENCOURAGES Asia African countries to share experiences, knowledge and technology in the field of ICTs under innovative models of cooperation,
RECOGNIZES the need for a continued dialogue among all stakeholders on the development, use and dissemination of open standards and free and open source software, particularly in the context of e-government, and, for that reason, DECLARES their strong willingness:
To enhance the Asia-African COLLBORATION through the promotion of a network of dialogue, cooperation and interaction among government, research/ educational institutions, business and civil society representatives from Asia African countries. To further explore possibilities to enforce exchanging and sharing experiences in egovernment with a view to identifying low-cost solutions and tools for promoting digital inclusion, empowering citizens, enhancing the universal delivery of public services and strengthening transparency and efficiency in the public sector. To further explore possibilities of coordinating standardisation efforts which are relevant for e-government and Open Source Software development.
CONGRATULATES all those involved in the organization of AAOS, in particular The State Ministry of Research & Technology Republic Indonesia, and INVITES all interested stakeholders to engage in this joint effort. (Based on the “International Congress on Society and Electronic Government” CONSEGI Declaration.)